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The healthcare industry continues to undergo enormous changes with new laws and policies, fresh innovations, and an increasingly educated health consumer. As such, healthcare administrators must be prepared to shift their strategies in order to meet the demands of this dynamic market. Essentials of Health Care Marketing, Third Edition will provide your students with a foundational knowledge of the principles of marketing and their particular application in health care. Moreover, the text offers a perspective on how these principles must shift in response to the changing environmental forces that are unique to this market.

The new Third Edition is a thorough update of the major environmental changes in health care as they relate to the key areas of marketing. These aspects are most significant in several major chapters within this text as a result of increasing developments in health care strategies in terms of web 2.0, distribution, health insurance changes and the issue of value to the customer and the implication for marketing. Changes in quality and safety initiatives, demographic changes, regulatory shifts; and global competition are thoroughly covered.

This complete curriculum of marketing management tools and techniques is ideal for graduate courses, though advanced undergraduates can readily grasp the level of presentation.

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